The Study of Hairbands

I have spent a lot of time looking at knots and elastic bands. I became interested to see if I could discover something new by looking at the elastic bands from different viewpoints. This ‘other’ that I am hoping to catch is perhaps something akin to Adorno’s ‘Nonidentity’: the part of the object that eludes capture by the concept. It became an investigation of language and what different conceptual systems can say.


 filecabinet1s    schematic
 _DSC0009  _DSC0223  4exhibition
 FSmeasured005  _DSC0024  elasticevolutions
 3knotbody  study1024  fieldstudyrubberband2
   _DSC0091  _DSC0005
 HBworking1    legoband

Artist’s book, Edition of 50:

“The Study of Elastic Bands”



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